The Infinity Accord is a sentient, omnipresent and universal doctrine of conduct that exists outside of space and time as a thought. Drafted by powers unknown, it protects any space currently inhabited by mortals by empowering its own agents to enforce itself in the defense of said mortals. The Infinity Accord is an infinite doctrine of infinite pages that takes up infinite space, and the force at its disposal is considerable. The terms of this doctrine are wide and varied, and cover all forms of conduct imaginable. For lesser Externals, those without the time and patience to know infinity it manifests as these terms:

  1. A being classified as 'External' is any being or creature outside of the established belief in reality held by the collective minds of a mortal race not directly sired by that External.
  2. An External shall not use their power or abilities to openly, directly, significantly and detrimentally alter the collective

destiny of any mortal race within the space they know as Reality.

  1. If in violation of the accord, in any circumstance, the

External shall be marked by the universe and swiftly eliminated by the forces, agents and mysteries available to said universe. This doctrine defines and explains why humanity exists as it does today, free of the influences of forces beyond it's own scope. This does not mean that Externals can not interfere with mortals at all; as long as they do so subtly they are free from destruction