Kaida's whole family line were faithful citizens of Arvixus, and none of them have ever migrated to other realms nor kingdoms. Born in a family line of blood-thirsty people who are very dedicated to fighting and being stronger, her family failed to give her the love and affection; resulting her with her known cold demeanor. But although her family lacked the affection she needed, Arno (which she actually calls by his nickname "Ace") was the only person that gave her the love and care that she always needed, her childhood friend.

Kaida hates her existence and her being a demon due to her father constantly abusing her and her mother every single day, calling her insults like a bitch. Both her parents hated her, her father because she was not fully demon, and her mother because she inherited her dad's powers more than hers, calling her the daughter of satan, causing her mom to kill herself. Her brother and her dad left her alone and vulnerable at the age of 8, never to be seen again.

Kaida Furiko is also very silent, so quiet to the point where no one even knows she's beside an individual. Being cold as she always maintain a cool atmosphere that is so close to being eerie and anti-social.

Having her love for animals and anything about weapons and demonic shadow arts, Kaida is known to be very adventurous and curious. Although at some point, the female may seem to be a bit of a couch potato, Kaida can also be pretty athletic at her will. Having these likes, Kaida Furiko is known to be avoiding social affairs and possesses a hate on being in the center of attention.

Her weapon is a double bladed dual sword with a slick black handle in the middle. It was one of the weapons that was able to withstand her shadow arts abilities; which makes people mistake her as a spawn of the devil. Her shadow powers can only be enhanced for a short period of time, or her corrupted right eye would start acting up and inflict life-threatening injuries to herself. So she uses her shadow abilities to summon small shadow spirits; which most of them appears to be on a form of a small dragon. She can also cast shadow teleportation occasionally. Being a Demon Shapeshifter, Kaida Furiko is still working on her shapeshifting abilities for it takes a lot of risk every time she practices the art.

Auril Coins: 5000 bronze (50 silver)