Not all Fallen Angels have been bound by the everlasting chains of betrayal made by God; some are still lurking in the modern age, free. Arno Genesis, a Primordial Fallen Angel that is commonly known by his Alias "Ace" is one of the Fallen Angels that escaped the eternal punishment. He appears to be a young man with jet black hair and lifeless blue eyes in his human form. Arno possesses immense skills with blades and cunning combat strategies which he can utilize both in his mortal guise and his true form.

In battle, the Fallen Angel King manifests a swiftness beyond reason that makes him one of the most deadliest assassins known and unknown through the centuries.

The young ruler also possesses an unholy tenacity and when pushed beyond the edge of civility, he becomes one of the most deadliest opponents one could ever meet, bordering on unstoppable.

Although being a primordial fallen angel, Arno prefers to be at his human form; for he acquires more human-like characteristics, made by the myriad of centuries he spent blending in to the world of reality. In his Fallen Angel form, the young assassin still possesses his unaging and devilishly handsome appearance; with his huge dark angelic wings present at his back, it represents that he is indeed one of the most primordial angels that has fallen during the great war.

For thousands of centuries he had lived with his immortality, the Fallen Angel also mastered the art of forging and sorcery; specializing on Ice magic and Shadow magic, which he can do in his various forms. Having great determination and endurance through every challenges that he encounters, Arno Arvixus "Ace" Genesis became the sole permanent ruler of the Fallen Kingdom, where everyone is protected by his power; pledging his life to protect his people at all cost for eternity.

Auris: 1,000,000,000 As