"She grew up in a small town, where everyone knew everyone's business. Whispers became rumors, and rumors became real matters. She lived with her parents, her father always teaching her how to defend herself whenever necessary. He had many weapons, ranging from guns to knives. But she always looked over to where his katana rested, up high on a shelf in it's stand. It has a black and red hilt on it, when drawn, the blade shines, a streak of black flowing through it. She would always sneak a peek at it whenever he wasn't around, having been told to never touch it. 

He came home early that day, as she was outside in the garden, practicing with his katana. She was very quick, swift, and her movements were flawless. He had been watching her for several minutes, realizing that the weapon chose her, not the other way around.

He taught her for many years, until the day he and her mother died in a fatal car crash. She had no one to turn to, so she ran from the place she called home. Ever since then, she's been a Wanderer, watching the Earth change around her in the coming years. She had come into contact with a man along her journey, name still unknown to her, who eventually taught her to use a katana, and to strategize. He was able to provoke a certain entity inside of her that she never knew she had, Amanozako, a demon goddess. When in times of feeling her life threatened, or the lives of those she loves, Amanozako comes out to play. She is very proud of her ability to move and think quickly in a dire situation.

Certain circumstances caused her to ascend to Heaven, where, upon entering, she was judged, and Amanozako extracted. She was given the blood of angels, becoming one herself. She has many new powers which she has yet to explore."

Auril Coins: 5000 bronze (50 silver)


12:01pm (EST)


Cause of Death: Heart Attack